Food hygiene and safety is massively important in the modern world and it can be detrimental to any business that allows their rating to slip. This is why all employees working with and handling food in this industry need to complete the appropriate training. As a matter of fact, there are three types of courses you can enroll in if you want to ensure you cover all of your bases.

Level one involves those who are in low-risk situations and are around pre-packaged food products. Level two courses are for anyone who are around unwrapped food products and prepare the food for serving. Level three classes are meant for people who are managing teams of employees or are in a supervisory role. Food Hygiene Courses Online are here to ensure you receive the best education, which is why we offer in-depth curriculum.

What is a Food Hygiene Rating?

Food safety is quite crucial to staying healthy and having a delicious and safe meal. This is why the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) is something you should check out before visiting any place with food. You’ll be able to see the governmental hygienic rating for any cafe, takeaway, food van, canteen, restaurant, pub, hotel, supermarket, school, hospital, care home and any other food establishment. Furthermore, there are six different ratings a business can acquire and it’s preferred to get the highest rating, which is why we are providing information for each evaluation.

Food Hygiene Rating 0

This is the lowest potential rating any business can obtain. Receiving more than 50 points from an inspector usually means you have several major hygiene issues capable of getting people sick after a meal. Improvement is urgently needed.

Food Hygiene Rating 1

This one isn’t as bad but it’s still detrimental to have. You don’t want to receive a score between 45 and 50 from the inspector as this means you have multiple issues surrounding the business’ food preparation and hygiene performance. Major upgrades are necessary.

Food Hygiene Rating 2

Being outdated isn’t just a sign you aren’t advancing your technique but shows an ineptitude to maintain hygiene standards. You may even be doing questionable practices with food prep and serving, which is why you received a score between 35 and 40. There is a substantial amount of refinement required if you want a better score.

Food Hygiene Rating 3

This rating is satisfactory to most businesses but there is still room for growth if you want to be seen as one of the finer and safer places to eat. The points needed to obtain this assessment are between 25 and 35.

Food Hygiene Rating 4

Most places that are considered fine establishments have this rating and received a score of 20 after an in-depth inspection. These places run a decently strong and safe ship, which is why only some fine tuning will be recommended.

Food Hygiene Rating 5

This is the rating food institutions aim to obtain because this is for only the safest and most hygienic kinds of businesses. People come here because they know the food is going to be delicious and handled with the utmost care and safety. To obtain this score, you will need to receive no more than 15 points. This may sound easy but it’s actually quite difficult to procure if you don’t take the right food hygiene courses.

Unfortunately, for those eating in these places, they won’t see a restaurant’s rating unless they choose to share it. You are going to have to look online to see what each place has to offer, however, eateries who have obtained a food hygiene rating of 5 will receive a sticker they can place at the entrance of their establishment. Taking the finest food hygiene courses will ensure you land this highly sought after grade.

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