Just like most countries, the United Kingdom has some rules and regulations when it comes to food safety. No one wants a society fearful of eating their food because it will make them sick or worse. This is why there is UK food health training and it covers imports, exports, safety, traceability, labelling and product withdrawals and recalls.

This ensures the people who handle food products designated for the public don’t make the consumers of those products sick. However, the organizations you see providing this kind of education can vary depending on your position and what you are looking for. This is why Green Vision Training Centre has a diverse online course catalogue to choose from; whether you’re looking for training for yourself, one employee or your entire company.

What are the UK’s Food Hygiene Regulations?

The UK’s food hygiene regulations encompass a wealth of information but we want to focus on the main aspects. For instance, any food—including drinks—must be safe for human consumption and there isn’t any chance for contamination. Thankfully, there is an anagram making it easier to distinguish what needs to be done.

The HACCP (Hazard, Analysis, Critical, Control, Point) principles ensure you analyze all food hazards, identify potentially dangerous situations (which need immediate attention), control what needs to be done when placed in certain situations, determine what actions need to be taken to avoid foodborne illnesses, record what was done and have consistent safety measures in place to keep everything safe. This means the premises where food is going to be prepared needs to be completely clean, the people handling the food are hygienic, there is no food waste introducing hazardous bacteria and you are keeping all food products in their proper temperatures for safe storage.

If you or your employees are found to have trouble maintaining these rules then you will face a hefty fine or even closure. A prosecutor can charge you for up to one year of finding out about any of these unsafe conditions or if you are within a three year period of them being discovered. You will lose your license and registration, causing you to lose money and, more importantly, a reputation you can’t afford to lose. Fortunately, there are organizations who will teach you the best practices when it comes to food hygiene regulations.

Where to Obtain a Food Safety Certificate?

All of this may seem like a lot to take in, however, it is actually much easier than it sounds, especially if you seek out the right professionals. Green Vision Training Centre is here to help you with these concerns. We have a diverse set of courses designed to help you and your employees become trained and certified in all things related to food safety. You can achieve level one, level two and level three certification through the classes we offer.

Additionally, our prices are substantially more affordable than other certification companies out there, which is why we have gained the confidence of people throughout the UK. Being CPD accredited guarantees you are learning the right content for your potentially blockbuster business. You will even receive your certification the same day you get the test done, which is unheard of for most places. Altogether, we have the tools necessary to help you and your employees become certified in preparing and handling food in a safe manner.

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